Dariushka Lunedi

Hi Daria,
I just wanted to send you a few photos of Lunedi.  I took her to the vet this weekend just to have a check up and a booster jab, and the vet said he was the most beautiful Russian Blue he had ever seen.  I was glowing with pride!
She is definitely beautiful, as you can see from the photos, but she is also the best natured cat I have ever known.  She is so sweet and friendly, and always waiting by the door when I come home (usually yowling loudly!).  She has definitely bonded with me over my boyfriend, which is quite funny as she will run downstairs to greet me even if he is giving her her dinner at the time, which he says is just rude! But she is friendly to everyone, and very sociable with any guests.  As it's getting colder now she has started sitting on my lap a lot, which she didn't used to do very much (although she has always been keen for a morning cuddle when she is let in to the bedroom!).
A colleague was just asking me about cats and I have recommended that he gets a Russian Blue from you and sent him your details.  
I hope you and your family and the cats are all well.
Best wishes,

Dariushka Gaston

Hi Daria,
How are you?
I just thought that I would send you some photo's of Gaston (Efim) so you can see how he has grown since he left you in late July this year.
He is almost 8 months old now and has really grown.  We love having him around and he has a wonderful personality.  A little crazy at times but in a very good way.
He loves his food and waking us up during the night by licking our faces.  He is starting to get very affectionate and likes to be wherever we are in the house.  He does have a rather strange obsession with the shower for some reason.
I will send you some more photo's in a few months.
Thanks again,

Dariushka Viktor

Good evening.

I did say at Christmas that I would write again and tell you all about Viktor. So here goes......
He is doing very very well! He is a big cat, very heavy, not fat but has big muscles! I know from the Internet that the Breed is intelligent but I didn't believe how clever they are. Viktor can open doors and plastic tubs of treats! He has a ball which is his favourite toy, he carries it around the house to wherever you are and then puts it on the floor in front of you and asks you to play fetch! 
He likes my wife more than me. Probably. Because I still work away. He has cuddles in the morning after his breakfast    But only allows me to play with him and give him a tickle behind the ears. 

You may remember we have a much older cat Tigger, Viktor is very good with him too, we had a few small fights early on but they are best friends now, when it's dinner time Viktor will go and get Tigger Before eating.
He's a lovely cat, hence why we would like another from you.
If you can add me to the list please, we would like a little girl if possible, we have been thinking hard and a little girl would be better.

Many thanks
PS I forgot to say that he also likes Climbing things, is obsessed with Water and the Bathroom, Loves watching television (Top Gear) and sleeps very happily curled up with Tigger.

 Dariushka Oskar and Dariushka Viktor

Good Evening
Just a quick note to let you know Oskar is now completely settled, he loves Viktor who plays with him a lot, and they sleep together now too! 
Hes a lovely little boy, just like you said, a real lap cat!
We took him to be registered at the vets here and they took a quick look over him. They tried listening to his heart but Oskar wouldnt stop purring! so they had to give up!
Speak soon
Richard :-)

Dariushka Mila

Dear Daria,

Just wanted to give you some news.
Mila is absolutely wonderful! You can be very proud because your cats are truly amazing.
She is very intelligent understand very well and learn very quick too.

She's grown so much, I will sent you soon some pictures.

Thank you for the nail cut I have it now.

Thank you for the joy and wonderful companion you've given us.

Yours truly
Jessica * Karim

Dariushka Ned

Hi Daria.

Just want to say a big thank you once again for raising such an amazing little cat!

He is just incredible and seems so happy and and loving ans settled with us already.
We has some friends come round yesterday and he loved everyone.

Thought I would send you a picture of him playing in his new home. 
I promise I'll keep in touch and keep you update on his progress.
We absolutely love him.
Leah x

Hi Daria,

Just to say a quick hello & to say that ned has totally settled in now & from what I can tell is a very happy cat. He is super intelligent - already playing fetch & opening cupboard doors himself! He is very high maintenance. Wants to be involved in everything I do. Go where I go. Inspecting everything I do. Loves to wake us up at 5am. Chatters away all the time. We absolutely love him.

One other thing I meant to tell you is that I am not even slightly allergic to Ned. It's incredible. I have been at home with him all day lately & I have had no symptoms. It's just brilliant. It's so amazing we have finally been able to have a cat & not be sneezing & sniffing all the time.

Hope all's well with you.
Leah x

Dariushka Ania Piexie
Hello Daria and Woytek,
It's already three weeks ago that we collected little Ania in Goudhurst, and I am sorry I am only contacting you today.
Both Ralph and I are very very happy with our little girl. She has settled in extremely quickly and is doing an absolutely wonderful job. She plays a lot, and has loads of toys which keep her amused. She is not at all shy but extremely active, and - like you said - she loves being up high. She has managed to destroy one scratching post in three weeks, and yesterday we bought her a tall fat scratching post which also has a seating platform. She has started to take great interest in water taps, and I think that is really typical of the breed.
In short, we absolutely adore her and we both feel very lucky to have such a lovely little cat to love and adore.
We will be sending you some photos soon. We both hope that you are all well, and that little Ania's brothers are doing as well as she is. As she is such a curious and active little mischief we have called her Pixie, and she had learnt her name within a few days.
Many thanks again for thinking of us all those weeks ago! You have really given us a little champion.
Best wishes,
Ursula and Ralph

Dariushka Starling Mishka

Hi Daria,

Just a quick note to say that Starling (now Mishka) has already settled in very well. He is cute, very curious and a brave little "monkey". I simply adore him endlessly. He is just a source of continuous entertainment. I could watch him playing for hours forgetting that I need to do things in the house !!! He plays fetch very well, especially on the stairs. 

I shall up-load his photo sometime soon and send it to you.

Hope you are doing OK and thank you for breeding such beautiful kitten.

Kind regards

Dariushka Nikka
Hi Daria,
After only 2 days Nikka has settled in very well already! 
She's eating, using her litter box and playing a lot!!! Now she's decided to rest a little :-)
We are so happy to have her!

Biliana and Diego

Hello Daria,

It's been now almost 2 months since we welcomed Nikka in our home! She's so lovely, full of life and a very friendly, sociable cat! All our friends and neighbours love her. She became very curious about the great outdoors so we bought her a leash and take her for exploration walks around the courtyard and communal garden. This is a picture taken this morning, showing off Nikka's new skill of tree climbing ;-) 

I hope that you are well and that all your kittens are as happy as Nikka! 

With our best wishes, 
Diego and Biliana

Dariushka Bowie

Hi Daria,

I hope you are well. I just wanted to let you know that Bowie is happy and settled in his new home! . He's such a wonderful kitten - he follows us everywhere and is quite loud when we arent paying him attention!! He is fantastically litter trained and eating well etc.
We are both completey in love with him and couldnt have asked for a better kitten! 

Thank you again for all your help in the run up to his arrival. He is such a cutie!

All the best,

Fran x

Hi Daria,

I hope you and your family are very well.

I wanted to let you know that Bowie is the most wonderful pet we have ever had! He's just got so much character and makes us laugh all the time!! We love him very much, so much in fact that we are considering getting another kitten, so that he isnt so lonely while we are at work.  I see on your webiste that Nika and Napoleon are having kittens in March and i wondered if you have a waiting list up and running?

Many thanks


 Dariushka Foffi


Hi Daria/Voytek,
Hope you and your family are well!

We have had Foffi with us for nearly two months and she is becoming a beauty queen!!

She loves playing with her toys and loves being around us. She also loves drinking from a tap J

I attach a photo of Foffi and will send a couple more separately (as they are two big for one e-mail).
We also wanted to add, that she has been trained really well by you. So big credit to you. If we wanted to expand our family again, we know where to come J

Many thanks,
Ruta and family


Dariushka Bowie and Dariushka Laika

Hi Daria,

Im sorry its taken a while to get in touch - I wanted to send you a quick picture of Laika and Bowie - they are such good friends now! i have lots of photos to sort through and will send more soon!
Fran x

Dariushka Luna

Dariushka Victor 

Dear Daria,
Victor is such a nice and kind cat. I am so happy for him. Before I thought femail cats are more friendly, thats why I was thinking to have a girl. His is just purrrfect. He sleeps at my feet.
I took him to the vet for worming and she was saying he is in top condition.
Difficult to fotograph him as he moves a lot.
Many thanks,


Dariushka Natalya


Dariushka Kandinsky


Dariushka Kandi and Dariushka Talya


Dear Daria,


Thank you so much once again for doing such a great job on raising our no-longer-babies, Natalya and Kandinsky.  They are so lovely and it's great to see their characters coming through now that they are getting nearly 18 months old!


I've never met such a pair of laid-back, easy going cats, and have taken their move to Switzerland in their stride, perhaps due to bribing them with thoughts of being let out!


Now that they are out, live couldn't be better for them, as seen by their contented faces.  They love playing with the garden hose and coming for walks with me whenever they hear me on my flip-flops!


You'll be pleased to hear that Kandi has gotten over his 'must lick my man' habit of waking my partner every night, and Natalya has firmly decided that she's my little girl. Take care and keep up the great work, love, Anette


Dariushka Wellington

Dear Daria

Hope you are well.
We thought you might like to see some photo's of Wellington, he's growing up fast!
He's really happy and cheeky and has such a character!
Everyone remarks how handsome he is, although he's often a little scruffy!!
I take him for walks in the garden - and he loves chasing the leaves.  We both love him so much, he is the centre of our home!!
Take Care


Dariushka Minka

Hi Daria,

How are you all! Attached are pictures of Minka 1 year old, she is so beautiful and still a volcano!
She has captured our friends hearts that are interested in buying one of your Cats.
Thank you for giving us such a beautiful girl!

Hi Daria,
Just thought I would drop you a picture of Minka, she is 3 next month, time has flown. She is gorgeous and amazing and we love her very much.
She is still the little volcano!
I will send you some more pictures, 
Warmest Regards
Sarah and Minka  

Dariushka Loki

Dariushka George

Hi Daria,

This is taken yesterday, he is getting quiet big, I guess like his father, so handsome.
George has got an amazing personnality, he is so sweet, loves cuddles and likes to play and curious, we have a very strong connection.
I am so happy with him, I hope it is the same with his brothers and sisters,

Dariushka George and Dariushka Cristal

Hi Daria,

I wanted to let you know how wonderful 
It is to have a second Russian blue.
Looking at each other playing and cuddling
I could watch them for hours.
And when I go away I always felt guilty to 
leave one alone but now with 2, 
First I  am pretty sure it doesn't miss me as much
and it makes me feel so much better about it.
Russian blues are just fantastic cats and so clever.
Thanks again to breed those wonderful creature.

All the best for you,


Sasha and Boris
Hi Daria

Hope you and the family are well.

I've been meaning to send you some photos of your (now grown up) kittens, just got a bunch of photos downloaded off my pjhone.
Boris and Sasha have turned out to be a couple of handsome boys - both very big, over 5.5kgs, but still very gentle. They love a good fight but are often found curled up together.

They growing up big and strong and very friendly!‏

Best wishes
Ian and Lisa

Dariushka Valentina



Dear Daria
I hope you had a good trip to Poland.
I just wanted to let you know that Valentina has settled in to her new home with us extremely well.
To show you just how much she is enjoying her new life, I have attached a photo of her relaxing in the sun. In the background you may notice a small Jack Russell puppy, who joined our household last weekend.  Rhubarb
(the puppy) and Valentina have already become great friends; and we are enjoying watching them play together.
Kind regards
Dariushka Vegas Blue - Bluebell 

Hi Daria

Just dropping you a quick note to let you know that Bluebell is settling in really well. We thought she would cry all night but she didn't. She slept most of it and is eating, drinking and playing well which is a credit to the start in life you have given her. She is adorable and makes us smile all day.  
We certainly will send you photos and thank you again she is delightful. 
Kind regards for now 

Hi Daria
Hope you are all well. Blue bell is now 5 months old and she still makes us laugh everyday. She has a lively personality and loves playing. She is very funny and loved watching the Olympics on TV especially if there was a ball to follow! I have attached a photo of her sleeping in her favourite place. When I took her to the vet for registration I had to ask him to hand her back as he couldn't stop cuddling her and thought she was delightful. 
I will send somemore photos soon. 
Kind regards

Dariushka Pebble

Dear Daria,

Hope you are well and I hope the kids were ok when they found out that Pebble was gone.

Just wanted to let you know that the trip was amazing, he slept all the time and the girls could not take their eyes from him.

Arriving home it took Pebble sometime to come out from under the sofa and little by little he did. Today much more relax and we are all so happy, he is really special.

I would like to thank you for all your help and for taking so good care of him.

Wish you all a lovely weekend,

Dear Daria,

How are you all? How was the summer?
I can not tell you how in love we are with Pebble, he is just sweet, smart, kind, funny and loving, he has it all. There are so many anecdotes I could write a book but one of my favourite moments is when he comes around in the early morning and jumps in bed, starts leaking our faces and it feels like he is telling us "time to wake up". He will then go to each of the girls rooms and do the same, can you imagine?
When friends come home he just goes and welcomes them, can be in anyones arms for as long as possible, he is just so sweet. We have been so lucky to have found him and we are so grateful to you.
I will send pictures but they are on my phone, could you send me your mobile number and then I can forward a couple so your kids can see him :)
From all of us a huge THANK YOU and all the best.

Dariushka Bella


I thought I would give you an update on how Bella is doing. She is doing very well and has settled in well into her new home. I really love her she is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen and she is so loving and sweet. When I come home she likes to play then sleep on me in the evenings and she even gives me little kisses. She's naughty sometimes as she is getting a bit adventurous but most of the time she is such a good girl. I have attached a couple of pictures. 


 Dariushka Katya

 Hi Daria,

Hope you are keeping well with your brood & hoping things are not to emotional whilst the babies are being rehomed. 
Just to let you know that Katya is settling in really well.  She is such a bold little lady...into everything - yet affectionate.  A sweetheart! My tabby boys are adjusting...I think they are stepping to one side for her to take over.  I have attached some pictures so you can see how she is progressing. 
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have such a wonderful cat - she is a princess.
love Angela 

 Dear Daria - thought I would send you a picture to show you how beautiful Katya has become at 11 months.

She is a chatty & friendly character with the most beautiful silver tipped coat.  A stunner! 
Clearly from good stock - thank you to a wonderful breeder.


Dariushka Mika

Dear Daria and Woytek

Mika will be 6 months old next week. Here are some recent pictures of her. We have great fun playing with her. She is an adventurer climbing up the fence and jumping onto the neighbour's garage roof - encouraged by Gorba of course. They are great friends - she is the boss. She has made such a difference to Gorba.
Good wishes

 Dariushka Pluto and Dariushka Neptune

Hi Daria, 

I hope you're ok, it was hard to leave you and your lovely family...
As you can see Pluto and Neptune are fine! - they are of course a little nervous and most likely missing you and their Mummy Sonya but Bills will make a wonderful friend for them, he is overjoyed!
Thank you so much for everything. You have beautiful cats and kittens and you are a very special lady, it has been a pleasure to meet you, I hope we will stay in touch! 
Love Sarah, Tim and Bills xxx

Dariushka Pushkina

Dear Daria and Woytek

Here is a recent picture of Pushkina for you.  As you can see, she is settling in very well and enjoying her new home.  She is getting to know our other two cats and likes to play a lot with Ivo, our other Russian, who is nine months old.  Pushkina is a beautiful kitten with a lovely temperament and we are so happy to have her.

Dear Daria and Woytek

Here is a new photo of Pushkina, relaxing in her favourite radiator bed.  Pushkina has grown into a beautiful young adult cat and she has a lovely gentle nature.  She never tires of playing and will chase cat toys for hours if you let her!  With the colder weather, she like to burrow under cushions and blankets, and sneak into wardrobes when you're not looking, for a nap.
Best wishes
Douglas and Deanne

Dariushka Oscar

 Hi Daria,

Apologies for not writing sooner, we thought we would send you some long overdue pictures of Oscar as he has grown.  He is a wonderful and loving cat,  a real character, and we are both very attached to him.
He always likes to be in the same room as us, is at the centre of anything going on, and is very playful, intelligent and talkative. 
Sorry the pictures don't do justice to how beautiful he is, everyone remarks on this when they see him, from friends to complete strangers on trips to the vet.
One of your other owners mentioned how they were not allergic to Russian Blues despite being allergic to some other breeds of cat, which we have also found to be the case - no hayfever-like symptoms at all, which is great news for potential owners who may have been put off previously.
I made sure my wife took him to the vets for "that op at 6 months", but despite this he still loves her more in the sitting on laps stakes. But if she is not around he will stroll over and sit on me, as he is now, purring, while I type this email.
We recommend this breed to anyone, thank you for raising a wonderful pet for us.
P.S. He doesn't normally wear a bow tie, that was for a special occasion. 
Best Regards,
Paul and Emma


 Dariushka Milo

Hi Daria
I hope you're well and had a great xmas and new year. I thought I would just drop you an email to let you know that Milo is doing really well at his new home. He's very affectionate and playful and enjoys giving us a nip on occasion! He also has a very good appetite and eats any food that we put down for him! I thought you might like to see some photos of him - please find some attached.
Many thanks for your help and for giving us such a lovely kitten!
Best regards,


Dariushka Mia


Hi Daria,

the vet checked Mia this morning and he said she is the most beautiful cat he has ever seen!

I am so proud of her,


Dariushka Boots 

Dear Daria
Happy New Year to you.  I hope you and your family had a lovely Christmas.
I thought it was about time I sent you an update on Boots.  He has
turned into the most fantastic cat in behaviour and looks.  We think
he is completely stunning, the most beautiful cat we have ever seen,
with the most amazing deep green eyes - I attach a photo so you can
see him fully grown but it doesn't do him justice.  I have had many
cats over the years and I can honestly say Boots is the most
wonderfully natured cat I have ever had (not including Wellington, who
I still miss so very dearly).  He is just the most perfect gentleman
in every way.  We love him dearly and he is spoilt rotten.
Thank you so much for our little Booties, although he isn't little at
all - he is HUGE and dwarfs our other Russian Blue who we adopted
after Wellington died.  He weighs almost 6kg but is not fat at all -
he's just very very tall!
I hope you and all your cats are well.
Kind regards

 Dariushka Michaela

 Just to let you know that we are so happy with our Mischa (she is with me now in the garden as we sit in a watery Winter's sun). She is a gorgeous cat and in early April will be 1 year old. We know that your March litters are all taken but wondered if you might be expecting more kittens later in the year?  We are very interested in getting another kitten, perhaps a little boy this time. Hope you and your family are all well.

Best wishes

 Dariushka Feodor

Hi Daria

I hope you are all keeping well? :)

Feodor is doing great, I can't believe he is 7 months old now! He is such a playful and loving cat.

I wanted to thank you for rearing him the way you did. He is a true treasure in our house! I have attached some photos for you to see how he has grown! 

Best wishes 


Dariushka Pushkin-Paws

Hi Daria,
Thank you so much for such a gorgeous kitten. He is absolutely beautiful, both in appearance and character. He spent the night with Harriet in her bedroom and has already settled in beautifully. The other cats are not too impressed at the moment, apart from Emily's little ginger moggy female, Mishka, who could turn out to be his best friend! He is certainly not short of cuddles and has totally melted my husband who usually declares that he is "indifferent" to cats and favours his 4 pet rabbits. I'll keep you updated. Hope Mum is coping without another baby!
Warmest wishes,

 Dariushka Lecester and Dariushka Maoam

 Hi Daria,

Just thought I'd let you know how they are setting in. They both missed you a lot for the first two days but are now enjoying themselves! They are forever playing and sleeping and will miaow for each other if they can't see one another. I thought that you would like to know that they are happy :0) We really love having them around - they are so funny!

I will send you some photos and an update in a few weeks.

Thank you,

Dariushka Romanovitch Minky

Hi Daria,
I just wanted to let you know that Minky is settling in very well in his new home.  I think I should have called him Monkey instead of Minky because he is climbing on everything and is very quick.  He and the dog are already friends and everything is fine.
Best wishes

Dariushka Trillian and Magrathea 

Hi Daria

It's been a week since we had the girls and it's like they have always lived here.  They own the house now :)

They love to be picked up and stroked and have lovely loud purrs.

I have attached a picture,  she fell asleep on my cake stand!



Hello Daria,
Just  quick photo of Dusty.
He is a super cat. His nature is just fantastic. He is really well mannered and loveable.
I took him to be registered at the vets Friday night and they checked him over.
He is all ok but the vet could not hear his heart very well due to the very loud purring.
I think is going to grow in to a very handsome and amazing cat.
Best Wishes,

Hello Daria.
I hope you are keeping well.
Here are some new photos of Dusty....he is turning into a very handsome boy and is quite a character.
He has a lovely nature but can be a bit of a mischievous boy when he wants to.
He is a lovely addition to the family.
Best wishes.


Dariushka Merlin
Hello Daria,
Sorry it's taken so long to reply, but with things settling down, I thought I'd take the time out to let you know that Merlin is doing great after his first week. He took a couple of days to settle down, meowing like crazy! But he's fine now, he follows me from room to room and when he hasn't seen me for a while, he runs to curl up in my lap. He's extremely agile and of course, very curious. Now he's confident in the house he explores everything all the time, with his tail happily in the air! Thank you for giving me a beautiful and healthy Russian Blue, I've attached some pictures and I'll send you more updates as he grows. I hope you're all well!
Kind Regards,


Hello Daria and family,


I hope you are all very well. It's been a while now and I thought I'd update you on Merlin as he's almost a year old.
He's grown really well and he's healthy and happy. He is a very loving cat, very close at times as well as independent, he's comfortable in the house now and he's able to reach any counter or ledge he likes while prowling around as if he owns the place! He's also very vocal and if he's hungry or wants to be let into a room he'll make sure I know about it with loud meows. His personality is amazing. He follows me everywhere from room to room and will hop up onto a table or chair if I ask him to. He answers to his name and he even licks my face as if to try and groom me! He often sits in my lap or curls up at the end of my bed too. He always allows you to pick him up, something that some of my friends can't believe. You really train your cats superbly well and he also like to climb up my shoulders and back while I transport him around! 

They really grow very quickly, I remember when he was tiny and scared to come out of my front room, but now he's comfortable anywhere. 

I've included a few pictures so you can have a look at how he's grown. I hope you like them. I really hope your family are well and I also hope Merlin's brothers and sisters are doing well too :)



Dariushka Tasmine

Dear Daria,

Thank you so much for beautiful Tasmine!! She is beautiful!
And such a gracious character!!! She was asleep on my lap the whole journey to Suffolk!
And now she is getting lots of attention in her new home!
I will keep you posted how she settles in!
Love to you,

Dariushka Ianto and Jack

Hi Daria
Just to let you know Jack and Ianto are doing fine, they have settled in really quickly and are running around like mad things and doing  lots of play fighting. They are both so well trained and friendly - Ianto even came to set beside me on the sofa last night.
I will send you some pictures in the next few days, but just wanted you to know they are both doing well.
Speak to you soon

Dariushka Pandora
Hi Daria
This is just to let you know that Pandora is settling in very well.  She was eating, drinking and using the litter tray from the first day she came home - but she was very vocal and keeping her distance (understandable in the circumstances being in a strange place for the first time).    Although, even though keeping her distance, she would still allow herself to be stroked and picked up; she loves to have attention and she is getting plenty of that from everyone here.  She is now running around all over the place playing and exploring everywhere.  We had put two very comfortable cat beds down, one in our bedroom and one in the quiet back sitting room - but she has chosen the front sitting room as her main place to be and has made a little 'nest' for herself on one of the settee arms, slightly behind a cushion but where she can also see out.  She has been sleeping there each night and always goes back to there to rest.  We are so pleased with her, she is absolutely adorable and has the most lovely nature - which I know is totally due to your family and the environment she has had since being born.  I know you were particularly sad to see her leave and I can understand why but hope that you feel better to know she is very much loved here and will be well looked after.  I have attached a photo for you and will of course, continue to keep in touch to let you know how she is doing.

best wishes,

Dariushka Mia - Eva 

Hi Daria
Just a quick message to let you know that all is good with Mia.
She settled in very quickly and she wanted to play all the time (and when she wasn't playing she was purring)
We haven't introduced her to Olya yet, but we think it will go well.
Thanks also for sending everything with her, she even smelled great! :)
Best wishes,

WHAT A LOVELY CARD! Thank you so much, George!



 Dariushka Vadim-Boris
Hi Daria,
Boris is great. He arrived, squeaked quite a lot the first night but now rules the roost totally. Martins daughter came over today and Boris very quickly trained her to become his number one slave. He has a little black tower with a scratch pad and lays inside with his mouse, squawking for us to come and pay him attention. A real character so thank you Daria we love him already :-)
Sarah & Martin x

Dariushka Wilhelmina
Hi Daria 

Just wanted to let you know that Wilhelmina is settling in very well! When we arrived home yesterday she immediately found the best hiding spot possible and she was clearly a bit cautious of her new surroundings. But even last night before bed she was playing with us a little. 
Today she was exploring more and more and eating and drinking really well, and she has come out of her shell completely - as you can see from the photos she's jumping up to join us on the sofa already!
Thank you for giving us such a beautiful kitten!  She is adorable.
Kind Regards,
Stu & Tina

Dariushka Jack and Dariushka Ianto

Hi Daria
I hope you are well.
Just wanted to update you on Jack and Ianto; they are growing up fast and seem to be getting bigger every day. They are such happy and content kittens and love nothing better than climbing on us and going to sleep. They seem to spend the rest of the time fighting and chasing each other, which is very entertaining! Emoji or just generally being into everything.
We registered them with our local vet and he said they were very healthy and beautiful cats. Everyone who comes to see us, is welcomed by Jack and Ianto, and they says how lovely and unusual they are. They love getting hold of visitor's shoes, especially if they have long laces.
Ianto has filled out, while Jack has remained slightly smaller and a lot slimmer, although the vet said they weighed the same.
Attached are a few recent photos of them.
We'll keep you posted on how they are doing.
All the best
Paul and Jay


Dariushka Ralph

Hi Daria,

I have been meaning to get in contact with you for a while with some photos of Ralphy! 

He is the most amazing cat he is treated like a baby and he loves it!  

I hope you like the photos xx

 Dariushka Aza (Cleo)

Hi Daria

 I thought id drop you a line about Cleo (Aza). She's doing really well. She's so beautiful and elegant and growing beautifully.

I have had the garden cat proofed so she can go outside, which she does, but she's still desperate to go out the front door. I'm afraid if I let her out she may get harmed. Do you think as she gets older it will wear off? She so clever and lovingwe are thrilled with her and didn't realise what joy she could bring to our family.

Kind Regards
Ginette Cook 

PS. Sometimes it's like having a naughty teenager in the house!!! 

Dariushka Azazello

Hi both


We wanted to send you a picture of Azi, he's totally settled in. We have moved house into a nice 4 bed which he seems extremely happy in investigating every nook and cranny!

We love him so much, he is so beautiful and very loving. Apart from when he tries to bite our toes in the morning!


Thank you for breeding such a fabulous little cat.


Many Thanks

Katie and Will 


How sweet :)  Kitten countdown calendar :)

Hi Daria - this is what the girls made and put on the wall this week!!
Thank you! Marisa


Dariushka Tasmine
Dear Daria!
Happy Christmas!!!
Slava and I came over to Suffolk to spend it with mum and Tasmine!!! She is adorable character!!! She is so easy and friendly!!!
Here is a photo of your beautiful girl!!!
She brings mum and us so much joy!!!
Christmas Was extremely Exciting for her and she is the love of mums 
Life!!! Mum adores her!!!
How was your Christmas?
Love from
Christina, Slava and Gill (mum)

 Dariushka Lottie & Dariushka Tink

Hi Daria,

I thought you might like an update on Lottie & Tink. I took them to the vets today to get checked and the vet said they were beautiful and a real credit to the breeder, so well done you. They have settled in and grow in confidence everyday. They love playing with my boys and will now sit near them and let them stoke their back and tummies. We are over the moon with them and love them to bits.

Thank you again. 



Dariushka Sergei

Dear Daria,


I have been meaning to email you for a week or so now to let you know how Sergei is doing but with Christmas it has been a bit hectic.  I am so pleased to let you know that Sergei is wonderful.  He settled in so quickly and loves his new home and new parents J  He is, like you said, like a dog in his character.  He always has to be where we are and follows us around.  He has a few favourite toys here that he carries around the house and takes up and downstairs depending on where we are, and as I sit here typing he is sitting on my keyboard J


He keeps us very entertained and ensures we get up to give him his breakfast by licking our lips and noses whilst we are trying to sleep J  He is truly wonderful, we love him immensely and he is totally spoilt.  We talk about him to our friends as if he is our new baby!  Our neighbours all met him and loved him too and are fighting to look after him when we go away!


He is always looking for mischief too which is fun to watch and our Christmas tree and all the Christmas baubles have been great fun for him.  He also loves it when I am cooking and climbs up my leg to see what I am doing and what he can try to steal!


At night he comes up to bed with us and settles on the end of our bed for the night.  He loves cuddles and plenty of affection and he gets lots and lots of that! When we go out he has found the warmest place to sleep and we find him in the same place whenever we get home.  He is always happy to see us and comes out running which is lovely.


So he is doing very well and we are so thrilled with him.  I've attached some photos here of his first week with us and will send some more recent ones in another email.


He is very good with his litter and scratching post which is really pleasing so thank you for training him so well.


Rest assured that he is very happy and very loved.  He is so beautiful and his new whiskers are coming through so he looks like a teenager J


Hope all is well with you and that your new kittens are doing well and that all Sergei's brothers and sisters are doing as well as he is.


Well Sergei has now climb up my top and is wanting a cuddle so I had better go.


Happy new year to you and your family and wishing you a fabulous 2014.


Emma and David

 Dariuschka Cleo

Hi Daria sorry it's taken so long, we've been away over Xmas and new year, this photo was taken of Cleo This morning, Our friends were looking after her and they've also fallen completely in love with her. She was so pleased to see us when we got back and spent all night cuddling up to us.


Dariushka Amalia (Mia)

Hello Daria,

Just wishing to let you know that Amalia, who we call Mia, has grown to be a beatiful and lovely cat who is now 8 months old.
She is very affectionate and a joy and follows us around the house all the time.
Mia loves to play and has a lovely and gentle nature.

I will send you a photograph of her in the near future.

Kind regards,


Dariushka Laila

Hi Daria, 

I hope you and your family are well! I bought a beautiful kitten off you that we named Laila, last summer.

Laila is the most amazing, happy and playful kitten that we could have ever wished for :) I have attached some pics below.

I am writing to you in the hope of buying another beautiful kitten as soon as possible. My friend wants to buy one for his mother and says Laila is the most beautiful cat he's ever seen! I agree!

He is willing to pay upfront if he can have one ASAP, but that depends on if Luna and Napoleon are expecting! 

Please let me know if you have any kittens for sale.

Many thanks, 


Dariushka Minnie 

Hi Daria

Pictures of Minnie who continues to settle well.   She has been playing and sitting on our laps today!  Totally gorgeous!

Catherine & Peter



 Dariushka Minky

Here is a photo of Minky on his birthday. I hope you like it
Best wishes


Hi Daria

I'm glad you like the photo;  Minky is a wonderful cat and he is very big with a beautiful coat.

He has a great personality and is good friends with my son's cat and my dog.

We really love him.


Best wishes