You will have collected your little Russian Blue and they will be free from worms and fleas and have been fully vaccinated including leukaemia.

Our furry babies are born and raised downstairs in a family home and used to being handled daily by us and our children therefore they will be perfect socialised.

The next step is to get them settled into their new family and environment. Russian Blue kittens are naturally very sociable and always settle in very quickly. They will invariably be seeking out cuddles and friendly laps within their first week with the new family.

I have made a list of some top tips to consider when taking the kitten home for the first time:

1. When coming to collect your kitten, consider spraying the inside of your carrier with Feliway Spray. Feliway is an analogue of the feline facial pheromone, a substance produced by the face of a cat. This pheromone can make cats feel more comfortable and secure in their new environment and is thought to enable cats to adapt to change more easily.

2. Also consider using the Feliway Diffuser at home. Install the device several days prior to bringing the kitten home and the diffuser will have the same effect as the spray.

3. Provide access to food and water. This sounds obvious but can sometimes be forgotten about in the excitement of re-homing your kitten. Don't worry if they don't eat anything for the first night, this is quite common with stress. They'll usually be gobbling up the food by the following morning.

4. Provide easy access to cat litter trays. We use the litter trays therefor if you have the litter box with the door it is necessary to take the door out for first few days.

5. Plenty of cuddles! Your Russian kitten may seem a little timid for the first few days but this will quickly pass. It is often best to leave them to their own devices and once they are ready they'll seek you out for lots of affection.

6. Worming should be given every month. We recommend Advocate for Small Cats.

7. Neutering. We generally require that your kitten is castrated or spayed at 6 months of age.


Shopping list

1.  Royal Canin Kitten dry food

2. Cat litter - we use biodegradablGreenwoods

3. Litter box and litter scoop 

4. Feliway Diffuser and Spray 

5. Toys (kittens love toys with the feathers) 

6. Scratching tree 

7. Cat's carrier 

8. Brush and cat claw clippers 

9. Advocate for Small Cats

Advocate Cat is a combination of Imidacloprid combined with Moxidectin which provides a superb treatment of both internal and external parasites in cats. One application of Advocate treats any existing parasite infection, protects against new infection as the treatment will last for four weeks and prevents new infections from establishing. 

10. Profender
Profender is used to treat cats against roundworms and tapeworms. It is provided as a convenient spot-on type of medication to enable easier dosing of cats. A single application is sufficient for one treatment. Repeat treatment needs to be as often as required for the individual cat in question, though once every 3 months is usually appropriate.

Have a nice shopping!